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Is this another explanation or defense as to who Jesus was?

It is rather a cataloging of comments made by a variety of individuals over time that sometimes were not so well disposed toward God in general and Jesus and the Bible in particular.

That's right, a good portion of the quotes contained in are from individuals who not only never professed to be Christians, but in many instances devoted their lives to discredit and destroy every thought or idea relative to God, Christ or the Bible.

If you want to find information about the real McCoy - Jesus Christ - you need to check into the Bible and what it says about him.

So why Jesus? Why all the hype - and why always with him? Why if he was only just a man like everyone else?

Why not give the memory of a dead man a respite? Why do so many swear to him when they are angry?

Why all the commotion two thousand years later if he never existed? Why all the fuss, fight and filibustering if it just isn't there? Or if you prefer why attack someone who is gone? Who cares?

Following are some interesting comments and conclusions from people of all times regarding why Jesus.

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